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Ways to Discipline Your Kids without Yelling (Part Two)

Ways to Discipline Your Kids without Yelling (Part Two)

Ways to Discipline Your Kids without Yelling (Part Two)

No doting parents start out wanting to scream at their children. However, somewhere along the journey of parenting, most moms and dads end up doing so. This is especially a standard practice for when preschoolers misbehave. But, as we’ve already mentioned in our previous blog post, yelling at your kids actually cause more damage than good. With this in mind, we gathered a number of suggestions to help you discipline them without having to yell. Continue reading below to know what these are.

One of the pieces of advice that we gave before is that making use of negative consequences for when your children break the rules. However, this should be practiced in parallel with positive reinforcement. While you implement negative repercussions, we also advise you to use positive consequences for when your kids follow the rules. This includes praising them for doing their chores without being told or telling them how proud you are of their behavior while they are listening. Giving them plenty of positive attention actually helps reduce attention-seeking behaviors.

As a Montessori school in Anaheim, California, we also suggest that you offer a warning when the moment calls for it. Screaming at them usually results in a power struggle. They end up becoming more defiant the more that you yell at them to do something, or to behave in a certain way. A clear warning would show them that you are serious about being in charge.

Lastly, you can also take a look at why you’re yelling at them. If the reason is that you got mad over something, calm yourself down so that you can model wholesome anger management strategies for your children’s early education.

We hope these tips help. For more information about how we can help you and your child, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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