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Ways to Discipline Your Kids without Yelling (Part Two)

No doting parents start out wanting to scream at their children. However, somewhere along the journey of parenting, most moms and dads end up doing so. This is especially a standard practice for when preschoolers misbehave. But, as we’ve already mentioned in our previous blog post, yelling at your kids actually cause more damage than … Continue reading

Ways to Discipline Your Kids without Yelling (Part One)

A vast majority of parents yell at their children at some point or another. But for some parents, yelling can become a bad habit. According to an article posted in Very Well Family, researchers are consistent in concluding that yelling constitutes as one disciplinary strategy that actually worsens behavioral problems in kids instead of encouraging … Continue reading

Teaching Your Children to Be Assertive While Being Respectful

Bullying can start as soon as kids play together, and it can take on many forms (e.g., threatening, mean teasing, spreading false rumors). This behavior may first occur in youngsters attending a children’s Montessori center in Anaheim, California and may even continue all the way to adulthood if not immediately addressed. As parents, you share … Continue reading

Helpful Ideas on What You Can Do if Your Kids Are Being Bullied

Instill in your youngsters the idea that they are entitled to make choices and decisions within certain boundaries and at different circumstances. Whether they attend a Montessori school in California or not, the more that they learn to trust and treasure their own feelings, the higher are their chances of being able to withstand peer … Continue reading

How Can You Guide Your Children to Become Better without Getting Punished?

Are you interested to know how you can teach your children to change for the better without having to impose punishments? If you answered “yes”, then these tips from Anaheim Hills Montessori School may just be of help! Read on to know how you can guide your little ones to turn out for the better … Continue reading

Discipline for Young Children: Changing Your Young Ones’ Behavior without Punishment

The belief that parents should punish their children so that they behave is still present. That’s why parents are usually surprised when they learn from a children’s Montessori center in Anaheim, California that most of the things that we perceive to be discipline (e.g., spankings, consequences) do not at all help kids become responsible individuals. … Continue reading