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Keeping Your Kids Physically Active

Keeping Your Kids Physically Active

Keeping Your Kids Physically Active

The importance of a healthy lifestyle cannot be emphasized enough. Fortunately, many factors can contribute to a healthy lifestyle for your family. Aside from a nutritious diet and quality sleep, your kids must also participate in physical activities. While many people think of physical activity in relation to a five-mile run or going to the gym, for a children’s Montessori center in Anaheim, California, being physically fit can be as simple as playing a game of tag with your young ones.

Yep, you read that right. In fact, at Anaheim Hills Montessori School, we also offer sports activities in addition to recess, library, music, and arts and crafts. Our objective is to provide your little ones with a fun learning environment wherein they can develop their skills, talents, and personalities. In line with this, we make it a point to ensure that there is a balance between their study and play. The extracurricular activities that we implement at our Montessori school in California help guide our pupils in discovering their passion and talents, while simultaneously learning something new about the world. If you wish to know more about this matter, don’t think twice about giving us a call. You are also welcome to drop by the school for a more thorough discussion with our staff.

In the meantime, you can start promoting a healthier lifestyle at home by trying to pry your kids away from distracting technology. Limiting their screen time gives them more opportunities for other more important matters, like physical fitness and things relevant to their early education. You might also want to consider involving them in everyday routines that incorporate simple physical activities. For example, you can opt for the stairs instead of the elevator while out shopping. Or, you can assign them with the responsibility of taking their pets out for a walk or a run. Riding bikes together, practicing a new sport, or playing hide and seek are also activities worth looking into.

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