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Ways to Discipline Your Kids without Yelling (Part Two)

No doting parents start out wanting to scream at their children. However, somewhere along the journey of parenting, most moms and dads end up doing so. This is especially a standard practice for when preschoolers misbehave. But, as we’ve already mentioned in our previous blog post, yelling at your kids actually cause more damage than … Continue reading

Ways to Discipline Your Kids without Yelling (Part One)

A vast majority of parents yell at their children at some point or another. But for some parents, yelling can become a bad habit. According to an article posted in Very Well Family, researchers are consistent in concluding that yelling constitutes as one disciplinary strategy that actually worsens behavioral problems in kids instead of encouraging … Continue reading

Keeping Your Kids Physically Active

The importance of a healthy lifestyle cannot be emphasized enough. Fortunately, many factors can contribute to a healthy lifestyle for your family. Aside from a nutritious diet and quality sleep, your kids must also participate in physical activities. While many people think of physical activity in relation to a five-mile run or going to the … Continue reading

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Helping Your Kids Express How They Feel

From sadness to anger, to embarrassment, to happiness and frustration, children, even at a young age, are already acquainted with the same emotions that adults do. In spite of this, they oftentimes don’t have the words to express properly how they feel. More often than not, they express their emotions through their actions, which might … Continue reading

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Holding It Together: Tips for Short-Tempered Parents

There are times when, as you go through your day, you’ll feel like the world is out to get you: a playdate with a friend from a Montessori school in California is canceled, a dish breaks, your kids are arguing with their siblings. And then one of your little ones innocently places the straw that … Continue reading

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Reasons Why Parents Lose Patience with Their Children

Parents losing their patience with their young kids is an inevitable scenario even within the premises of a children’s Montessori center in Anaheim, California. In fact, for many moms and dads, it is something to be expected. This can be attributed to a plethora of reasons. And as parents, it is imperative that you become … Continue reading

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